CEIL 101: Intro. Dig. Illus.: Photoshop

In this course, students will expand their illustration practice through the essential skill of digital illustration with Adobe Creative Cloud's Photoshop. Using essential tools and techinques such as selection, drawing, and painting tools and blending digital elements, students will learn to create raster and pixel-based illustrations. Learning from contemporary digital illustrators, students will take work from sketchbook to digital illustrations, develop and experiment with different styles, and elevate their creative potential in preparation for the illustration industry. Please note that CEIL 101 Introductory Digital Illustration: Photoshop requires:  - Computer (laptop or desktop) - Digital pen tablet (e.g. Wacom Intuos or Huion pen tablets)  - Adobe Photoshop (current version) Note: Unfortunately the current iPad app versions of Photoshop do not have the necessary features for this course's curriculum.


Basic Mac computer experience is strongly recommended

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Cs Spring 2021 CEIL-101-S001 Intro. Dig. Illus: Photoshop