CEPH 202 SU01: Portrait Photography

Jun 15
Jul 27

The ability to create a compelling portrait is an important skill for any photographer. This practical and theoretical introduction to portraiture is an opportunity to expand your photographic style and techniques. Exploring the history and evolution of photographic portraiture and the practical techniques used for producing a contemporary portrait, this course will include the use of natural and studio lighting as well as photographing your own subjects. This course is for both analog and digital photographers. Note: This course does not include darkroom access.

Meeting Information: 
Date / Time Days Room Building
Jun 15-Jun 22
S D1385 MAIN
Jun 15-Jun 22
S D1390 MAIN
Jun 22-Jul 27
S A1010 MAIN
Jul 6-Jul 27
S D1385 MAIN
Jul 6-Jul 27
S D1390 MAIN

CEPH 100 Introductory Digital Photography is strongly recommended

Instructor information: 
Please bring the following supplies to class:
* Digital SLR Camera, USB cable (or Film SLR or medium format
* Additional money for printing may be required
* Notebook and pens
* Portable memory device, thumbdrive, hard drive etc. recommended
but not required

Estimated cost: $ N/A

***Please bring items marked with a '*' to your first class.***

***If required, photocopy/printer cards can be purchased from the
ECUAD library.***

***Present this ECUAD Registration Statement at Opus Framing &
Art Supplies to qualify for a student discount.***

***In order to minimize disruption, students are expected to
arrive at class a minimum of 5 minutes prior to the designated
start time.  If possible, please notify your instructor ahead of
time if you expect to be late or absent.***