Computer Graphics

Below is a listing of the courses we offer at Emily Carr in this subject area. The number of section offerings for each course are listed to the right of each course title.

Please note: Course section offerings listed in future terms are subject to change. The availability numbers for future terms are listed here to provide some assistance to students in planning their academic year.

CourseTitleSummer 2019Fall 2019Spring 2020
CGIA 2082D Motion Graphics+Comp
CGIA 213Computer Aided Design I
CGIA 215Digital Imaging Essentials222
CGIA 217Design for Motion
CGIA 2193D Computer Animation I
CGIA 2203D Computer Animation II
CGIA 303Computer Aided Design II
CGIA 307Des Anim I: 3D Fundamentals
CGIA 308Motion Graphics-Visual Effects
CGIA 3093D Character Animation
CGIA 317Design Anim II: Modeling
CGIA 322Adv Character Model + Texture
CGIA 324Special Effects I:Compositing
CGIA 334Special Effects II:Natural Ph
CGIA 407Des Anim III:Advanced Issues
CGIA 4223D Comp. Anim Production Stu