DESN 319 S031: Health Design

This studio course considers complex problems in health and healthcare.Students may work on interdisciplinary industry and research-sponsored projects that consider real, often socially based, situations and how design can encourage some form of behaviour change. This course encourages multiple approaches to design opportunities. These projects may include and combine communication, interaction and industrial design. While projects will be health themed, students will be able to extrapolate design knowledge gained and apply it to complex problems in any field.

Priority is given to COMD, INDD, and INTD students in Years 3 and 4. Students outside of the registration priority group may register/waitlist for this course as of the registration rule release date.

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Topic: This course looks at the role of designers in the context of long term care homes and design for social change. 
Facilitated by the Health Design Lab, students in this course will connect virtually with a small group of people living in long-term care homes to participate in creative activities and collectively co-design a way to capture and share the life experiences of the participants (your co-designers), in the belief that helping people articulate life experiences, especially in old age, can lead to a greater quality of life for people living in care. Co-designed outcomes from the course will highlight the stories and life experiences of people living in care and enable them to share their stories with others.  Students from all design disciplines may enrol in this course and apply their unique skills in determining the final form of the outcome, in collaboration with your co-designers.
        Students will gain experience in employing participatory design methods to collaborate with people living in care, while creatively interpreting unique content into alternative formats for sharing. Class discussions will consider the role of designers in emerging contexts and the ways in which design can contribute to social and cultural innovation.
        This course will include regular virtual engagement with people living in long term care and virtual group work.

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HYBRID course.
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