DRWG 315 S001R: Drawing: The Human Figure

An intensive workshop which studies the form and kinetics of the human body. Course content encourages the accumulation of experiences with a variety of media to enhance perceptual, cognitive and conceptual abilities acquired through a series of projects. Critique and discussion are an essential part of this course. Slide/video/computer presentations are regularly offered.

Priority is given to ANIM, CRCP, ILUS, PHOT and VIAR students. Students outside of the registration priority group may register/waitlist for this course as of the registration rule release date.

Course content: 

Topic: The Body

What is a ‘body’? This course invites students to respond creatively to the differing conceptions and manifestations of a ‘body’, not only human, animal and importantly, non-human beings, but also, other expressions of ‘body’ such as ‘something that ‘embodies or gives concrete reality to a thing’ or as ‘a sensible object in physical space’ or as the ‘denseness, fullness, or firmness of texture’ or the ‘fullness and richness of flavor’ etc. Students will be asked to experiment with various media and produce a portfolio of visual artworks (2D, 3D or performative etc.) that reflects a range of these differing perspectives and complexities of the concept of a ‘body’. Students will also be expected to engage in group discussions, crits and field trips.


DRWG-215 Drawing the Human Figure and completion of second year

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TOPIC: The Body. CC-R (with ILUS 305 S001R). Course Details: This course is LINKED to HUMN 311 S090, Online section. Students must enroll in both HUMN 311 S090 and DRWG 315 S001R.
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