FMSA 200: Film + Screen Arts Core I

This course offers an in-depth development of both the technical and aesthetic principles of film production, both analogue and digital. Principles of camera operation, composition, lighting, sound design, studio production, and editing are explored through a series of individual and group projects. Classes incorporate lectures, demonstrations, screenings, workshops and exercises. Emphasis is on exploring the potential of film for screen and gallery based practice as well as community action. This course is primarily experiential for the students, with in depth critiques of their concepts and productions, and includes a wide variety of hands on exercises that explore various approaches to making films. Projects go through several stages of critiqued development, from concept to completion, as students develop their particular approach to form and content for the screen, gallery based practice, and storytelling.

This course is subject to priority rules; see here.


Completion of 21 credits

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