FMSA 210: Film + Screen Arts Core II

This course is designed for students who want to work effectively with a crew. Students will learn how to function in key crew roles - producer, director, camera, lighting, assistant director, art direction and location sound recordist. Students will learn fundamentals and principles of: casting, auditioning, blocking, cast and technical rehearsals, production management, location management, budgeting and scheduling, digital production systems, organization of motion picture production, set orientation, motion picture set safety, legals and releases. This is primarily a hands-on course; film exercises will be assigned. This course will include a rigorous instructor-led shoot, over one weekend, with prep and strike days. Classes incorporate lectures, demonstrations, screenings, exercises, class discussions, hands-on workshops, exercises and shoots. There will also be an individual creative term project film.


FMSA-200 or NMSA-200

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