FMSA 222: BYOD Bring Your Own Device

This course is open to non-majors and covers the basics of mobile devices and DSLR time-based/ video production and post, including: camera operation; clipped-on lenses; exposure; color balance and manipulation, kits; codecs; sensors; basic lighting; basics of location sound recording; principles of editing and sound editing; color grading; titling; encoding, posting to web and on mobiles. Students bring their own devices (BYOD) and work with their own DSLRs, and/or mobile devices. This highly technical and creative course is particularly relevant for students who want to utilize media technology in their 3rd and 4th year work, and to enhance its potential by inventing new registers and genres. Additionally, this course emphasizes online, artistic/gallery, photo-journalistic and web applications.


Completion of 21 credits

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