FMSA 305: Cinematography II

Students will learn how to manipulate light and composition to communicate the mood, tone and effect they wish to achieve contributing to the final look for their films. Lectures, demonstrations and hands-on exercises with a variety of lighting equipment and digital cinema cameras will develop students' skills. Units on the fundamentals of blocking and continuity, directing for the camera, challenges and opportunities of studio and location cinematography will be explored. Advanced work with the expressive elements of cinematography: composition, camera placement, camera angles, camera movement, and lens choice, which together with an increased command of lighting style, will further students' ability to craft the look of their films purposefully and effectively. Students will learn enough about the principles and practices of cinematographic tools and technology to be able to creatively express and implement their visions in film and media works, and to adapt to changing platforms.


FMSA-205 Cinematography I

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Spring 2022 FMSA-305-S031 Cinematography II