FMSA 326: Creative Producing

This course is built around the practical and aesthetic aspects of the student's creative process in the production of students' capstone year film projects and future productions. The point of view is primarily of the creative producer. Topics include: designing your production from concept to release; director's workbook and prep, from the point of view of the producer; dramaturgical analysis of a dramatic script and breakdown of script for casting, from the point of view of the producer; working with a casting director; working with a script supervisor; post production supervision; advanced budgeting and scheduling; getting the most out of your cast; releases and contracts; music copyright and clearances; working with a composer; managing post production; release and marketing. Teaching methods include lectures and workshops. Students are expected to come into class with a written project (script or proposal) that they want to develop over the course of the semester; the project can be either their capstone year project or their first project after graduation, or a project for a colleague/ student's that they are producing.

This course is subject to priority rules; see here.


Completion of 54 credits including FMSA-200 and FMSA-210

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Fall 2021 FMSA-326-F091 Creative Producing