FMSA 350 F031: Special Topics in Film+Screen

This studio course offers students the opportunity to develop projects around a proposed topic that responds to emerging trends within contemporary film and/or media arts. The course offers historical, theoretical and practical insights into a range of practices associated with the topic. Students learn how to position their work in relation to relevant discourses. Depending on the specific instructor and subject area, the class may participate in field trips, group critiques, discussions of readings, individual and collaborative film and media arts creation.

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Topic: VR- immersive Narrative and Factual Cine-making
The course provides students with the foundations for work in immersive narrative, factual and installation-oriented immersive formats, focused around 360° and CG-based VR experiences and emotional content. All students will be given a grounding in immersive techniques for story-telling, film-making, spatial sound recording and post-production techniques. Students will have access to 360° filming cameras and rigs throughout the course and be introduced to a wide range of the latest relevant equipment; relevant productions and artistic immersive pieces will be exposed and analyzed. Experts from across this emerging industry will be hosted, with a special focus on Spatial Audio/8D sound design; Spatial Audio describes any variety of techniques for simulating, manipulating and rendering acoustic sound-fields. Students are expected to be agile, attentive to the latest innovations in the industry and ready to be surprised each week with new possibilities in this space.
In addition the course also includes research and interview techniques, how to construct an immersive narrative and the ethics and different styles of immersion. The programme will also include writing and pitching project ideas and introduce the market and the financing opportunities for immersive media on various platforms. The course is designed to teach immersive camera, sound and editing skills in a context of enquiry into the social world, thereby questioning the role and manipulation of giants such as Google and Facebook; Alternatives are to be illustrated, providing students with a basic grounding in a game engine (probably Unity and Real-Engine) to allow them to explore interactive and CG/VR based factual and narrative storytelling. The fully immersive experience that VR provides makes it an excellent medium for storytelling and art creation, albeit it is still a technology seeking its own form. It is cinema prior to Ejzenstein or Western perspective prior to Masaccio or music prior to Blues.


Completion of 51 credits

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HYBRID course.
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