FNDT 127 S091: Ceramics

This course familiarizes students to the concepts particular to ceramics through the exploration of diverse processes such as handbuilding, extrusion and mold-making. Projects focus on developing an understanding of ceramics as a discipline that combines surface and form, painting and sculpture, design concerns, installation and architecture, and the possible interaction with other media.

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This class is 100% online, although students will be working with clay from their personal spaces.  For students who are in town, a kit will be assembled for you to buy from ECU; for those students out of town, you will need to source out and purchase clay and tools.  A detailed list with images will be provided to help students acquire materials.  Most towns or cities have stores to purchase these basic tools and materials.

The class will center around ideas related to impermanence and the natural environment.   Students will learn skills related to hand-building, basic clay information, and traditional techniques and processes, such as sourcing natural clay and traditional types of kilns such as pit fire. 

The class format will be both synchronous and asynchronous.  All class material -- including video demonstrations, image presentations, and related handouts and readings -- will be asynchronous and will be found on Moodle.  Bi-weekly meetings and feedback will be synchronous through Zoom, one-on-one meetings, or group meetings during the class time.

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ONLINE course.
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Jan 11-Apr 24