FNDT 161 S003: Core Design Studio I

This studio course provides a core experience in Design. Students will gain experience with the range of activities that comprise the design process, including generating, refining and communicating 2D and 3D ideas. This course will use lectures, discussions, and assignments to cover design processes, concepts and principles of form, meaning and context in design, and visual, verbal, and written communication. Along with an introduction to materiality and hand skills, students will be expected to demonstrate digital literacy skills in developing, documenting, and presenting outcomes using relevant software.

Course content: 

This section of Design Core is taught by Gilly Mah, whose practice is in tangible and interactive mediums. This section will apply structured design processes to communicating ideas with the aim to solving 2D, 3D and 4D design problems.

Course outline
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Date / Time Days Room Building
Jan 8-Apr 24
T D3355 MAIN
Jan 8-Apr 24
T D3355 MAIN