Graduate Studies Low Res

Below is a listing of the courses we offer at Emily Carr in this subject area. The number of section offerings for each course are listed to the right of each course title.

Please note: Course section offerings listed in future terms are subject to change. The availability numbers for future terms are listed here to provide some assistance to students in planning their academic year.

CourseTitleFall 2018Spring 2019Summer 2019
GSML 500Grad Seminar in Research I
GSML 501Media + Visual Adv Studio I
GSML 502Media + Visual Adv Studio II1
GSML 503Masters Thesis Project11
GSML 504Media+Visual Adv Studio III1
GSML 505Grad Seminar in Research II1
GSML 507Media + Visual Adv Studio IV
GSML 510Graduate Internship
GSML 520Illus in Context - Historic
GSML 521Illustration Adv Studio I
GSML 522Illus Adv Studio II
GSML 523Illus Masters Thesis Proj I
GSML 524Illus Adv Studio III
GSML 525Illus in Context-Exploration
GSML 527Illus Adv Studio IV
GSML 530Design Seminar in Research
GSML 531Design Advanced Studio I
GSML 532Design Advanced Studio II
GSML 533Design Masters Thesis Project
GSML 534Design Studio III
GSML 535Design-led Research Methods
GSML 536Co-Laboratory I
GSML 537Design Studio IV: Exhibition
GSML 600Graduate Seminar - Images
GSML 601Media + Visual-Adv.Studio III
GSML 602Masters Thesis Project
GSML 603Media + Visual Grad Seminar
GSML 604Grad Seminar - Projections
GSML 611Graduate Seminar - The Text1
GSML 622Illus Masters Thesis Proj II
GSML 624Off-Campus Illus Seminar
GSML 626Planning + Promotions
GSML 627Graduate Seminar:Implications
GSML 632DE Masters Thesis Project II
GSML 634Co-laboratory II
GSML 636Co-laboratory III:
GSML 637Co-laboratory IV