GSML 503 F091: Masters Thesis Project

This course consists of a practice or studio-based project accompanied by a written text that situates the final project within a theoretical framework. This applied research project includes a written component (8,000-12,000 words) that analyzes the project's objectives and outcomes within the broader context of art, design or media. As part of the thesis requirement, the student will submit to the library visual documentation of the project as well as the accompanying written text. The Thesis Project must be approved by the Graduate committee supervising the work of the student. This course is part of an extended complement of curriculum that includes several stages according to the complete process of a significant Master Thesis project. Title for each stage: Research, Conception, Proposal & Development.

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ONLINE, Project only - no instructor. MFALR - New PRW for incoming cohort + Legacy courses for 2022 cohort.
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