HUMN 205 F091: Perspectives in the Crit. Humn

Building upon the research skills, methodological approaches, and technical knowledge introduced in the first year, this course provides a synthesis of cultural, geographic, and historical perspectives for a critical engagement of contemporary creative practices. This course is framed through research-led teaching, and each offering will vary in content and context.

Each section of this course runs with a different topic. See here.

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Instructor: Aaron Peck

Topic: History of Aesthetics / Judgement as a Theoretical Grounding

A general introduction to the history of aesthetics, this course provides critical perspectives on how we understand what beauty is and on how we come to make judgments in the contemporary world. With readings from ancient Greece and classical China, up through the European enlightenment, into modern and contemporary Europe, Japan, and the United States, also considering Black and Indigenous perspectives, we will read excerpts from the works of the significant philosophers, critics, artists, and writers, who have contributed to aesthetic philosophy. The course also aims to make us all better thinkers about what we like and further explore how and why we come to like certain things over others, questioning how we judge such certain categories, as "the beautiful," "the tasteful," "landscape," "the good," "the sublime, “even "the aesthetic" itself. The questions we will ask include, what is an aesthetic experience? How do we define, describe, and judge it? What kinds of cultural, social, gendered, and historical experiences furthermore limit our understanding of the aesthetic? As a humanities class, it will also aim to help us practice our reading, writing, researching, and skills in textual and visual analysis. Suitable for all students with at least a second year standing, this material will be helpful grounding for students in all disciplines at Emily Carr, from visual arts and design, to cinema and new media.


Completion of 21 credits

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ONLINE course, Asynchronous (no VCHAT time assigned).
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Sep 7-Dec 18