HUMN 300: Critical Practices Workshop

This practice-based academic course brings together students from different areas of specialization who are interested in furthering their understanding of Critical and Cultural Practices. This course is based on a workshop model that will enable students to situate and articulate their own research (performative, conceptual, critical) in relation to larger critical and cultural contexts. Weekly seminars focus on readings and writing projects that are designed to help students to foster critical awareness of the content and context of cultural production in relation to a range of contemporary art practices and theories. Through an exploration of both a broad range of critical + creative practice and textual research students will engage with emergent models of critical inquiry in relation to their own creative-critical practice. In this workshop, students will have the opportunity to articulate key elements of their research through discussions, individual tutorials, peer reviews, presentations, performances and readings that are directed toward the development of final critical projects.

In this six-credit course, students are expected to engage in regular workshops in which they share written work with their classmates and give presentations on key texts or contexts. Students are also expected to meet with the instructor and take on a comprehensive reading list relevant to a practice-based research project. This is a face-to-face course; however, due to the nature of the material and the topics engaged, it is expected that students will also be able to work in an online environment. Descriptions of specific seminar topics will be included with registration information. This course is open to students in all degrees.

This course is subject to priority rules; see here.


Completion of 60 credits

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Fall 2021 HUMN-300-F091 Critical Practices Workshop