HUMN 303: Art + Text Seminar

This topic-based seminar focuses on contemporary issues relating to the field of Art & Text. This course will develop an understanding of current discourses around text and language within the realm of contemporary art and culture as well as critical awareness of the content and context of this field in relation to a wide range of issues and theories such as semiotics, letterforms, writing systems, calligraphy, graffiti, etc. This course will consider textual production in relation to image making, the book form, archives, sound and spoken word practices as well as alternative structures of distribution including libraries, online database projects etc. Students are required to undertake research, give presentations, and write papers. Seminar topics will change each term, while key concepts, theories and histories will consistently be addressed.Priority is given to students who have officially declared an Art + Text Major. You may register/waitlist for this course as of the Registration Rule Release Day


Completion of 51 credits

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Spring 2022 HUMN-303-S091 Art + Text Seminar