HUMN 306 S001: Studies in Humanities: Design

This course offers the opportunity to explore specific issues and texts in the humanities. The issues and readings will vary but students will gain a better understanding of contemporary thought and methods in philosophy, history, or literature, especially as they relate to critical issues in design.

Priority is given to COMD, INDD and INTD students in Years 3 and 4. Students outside of the registration priority group may register/waitlist for this course as of the registration rule release date. pics

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Design is a mediator between us and what is produced, how we want to live, what is valued, and what gives all of life quality. The aims of this course are to explore emerging expressions of contemporary culture within a curious modernist framework through diverse forms of enquiry. The course will build upon learned skills and knowledge where speculative thought, the creative act and systematic research are applied to consider how any fragment of reality can be the initial source of design inspiration and research.

HUMN 306 is an opportunity to explore and investigate any manner of acts, actions, gestures, and performance in the meaningful and complex ways in which stuff participates across time, contexts and cultures. Building upon theory and practice, experiments or investigations in design practice, this course will explore the creative boundaries between the conceptual, the theoretical and the applied. Supporting novelty and original thinking, Live Theory develops a discourse between the act of designing, critical design thinking and a design process. Students will express their findings from observation and experimentation through a range of media, complexity and resolution, combined with relevant readings.


Completion of Second Year

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