HUMN 311 S005: Visual Art Seminar

These seminars are taught from the viewpoint of a practicing artist, and focus on historical and/or contemporary issues relevant to particular disciplines or subjects. Seminars develop student critical awareness of the content and context of cultural production in relation to a wide range of practices and theories. Students attend lectures and discussion groups; in addition they are required to undertake research, give presentations, complete visual projects, and write papers. Descriptions of specific seminar topics are available by clicking the section hotlink on myEC or through

Priority is given to CRCP, PHOT, ILUS, and VIAR students in Years 3 and 4. Students outside of the registration priority group may register/waitlist for this course as of the registration rule release date.

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Topic: Visual Art Seminar: Collaborating with Nature

This HUMN 311 seminar is an intensive bridge for developing long-term engagement with eco-art and social practice. It is a dynamic opportunity to put ideas into action. Students will unpack a wide range of methodologies within the field, undertake their own research, and produce research proposals to be presented at an end of term symposium. Students from ALL disciplines interested in expanding their environmental vocabulary and practices are welcome.

This seminar will focus on theories and practices of environmental art, which can include community arts and eco-activism as well as other environmental art practices in the public realm or within a gallery/museum context. The course will focus on the social challenges and responsibility of artists and the relevance of environmental art to society. Together we will discuss trends in a variety of art practices (writing, visual art, film, performance) that reframe art as a method for community groups and activists to explore and engage with contemporary societal issues regarding the environment, as well as a method for artists to contribute original approaches to these issues. The seminar aims to define, theorize and critically engage with the growing body of work in this area, including artistic case studies and documentation, critical and theoretical debates, and application of these theories by engaging in an active eco-art project.


Completion of Second Year

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Topic: Visual Art Seminar: Collaborating with Nature
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Jan 7-Apr 18