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This course varies in topic from section to section, and is repeatable for 6 credits so long as the topic has changed. Students respond to the specific cultural context and the unique practical concerns of a specific area of exploration within illustration. This course will integrate a specialized understanding of professional context with an investigation of the social and cultural connotations of form and content. A priority of the class will be to cultivate discourse and criticality in relation to the material that is presented. Studio exploration will be examined in relation to visual culture and cultural criticism. Topics and themes might include: Graphic Novel, Children's Book, Surface Pattern, Sci-Fi, Humour.

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How are our personal experiences influenced by the homes, apartments, and spaces we inhabit? To what degree are our lives defined by our books, toys, comics, movies, clothing and other mass-produced objects from popular culture and everyday life? Illustrators and artists have long responded to their immediate surroundings as a starting point for projects, using approaches ranging from storytelling, to editorial images, to invented worlds. 

In this course, students will explore how their personal spaces and collections can inspire new and inventive ways to build their illustration practices. Through a series of projects, presentations, videos, and readings, the class will engage with the spaces and objects that surround them. A variety of creative responses will be explored, including methods ranging from notebooks, drawing spaces from memory and touch, to the use of found objects. The course will culminate with a longer investigative project that could take forms such as artist books, illustrated stories, concept art or narrative paintings.


Completion of 51 credits

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