Industrial Design

Below is a listing of the courses we offer at Emily Carr in this subject area. The number of section offerings for each course are listed to the right of each course title.

Please note: Course section offerings listed in future terms are subject to change. The availability numbers for future terms are listed here to provide some assistance to students in planning their academic year.

CourseTitleSummer 2019Fall 2019Spring 2020
INDD 200Core Studio Industrial Design2
INDD 202Industrial Design Drawing I
INDD 203Freehand Drawing & Drafting2
INDD 2043D Model, Sketch + Prototype2
INDD 209Industrial Design Essentials
INDD 210Core Studio Industrial Design2
INDD 211INDD Core Studio 2
INDD 213Computer Aided Design I2
INDD 217Textile Prod. Desn: Mass Prod1
INDD 230Intro to Ceramic Design11
INDD 231Ceramics: Moldmaking
INDD 300Core Studio Industrial Design2
INDD 302Design by Drawing
INDD 303Part Design & Digital Output11
INDD 304Design + Make1
INDD 305Furniture Design
INDD 306Electronic Design
INDD 307Textile Prod. Desn: Patterning1
INDD 310Core Studio Industrial Design2
INDD 314Product Developm't + Marketing
INDD 315Human Fit: Applied Ergonomics1
INDD 316Interaction Design
INDD 317Health Design
INDD 318Sustainable Desn: Applied Prac1
INDD 330Ceramics: Advanced11
INDD 331Special Topics: Factory
INDD 350Topics in Industrial Design1
INDD 400Core Studio Industrial Design3
INDD 403INDD Core Studio 5
INDD 404New Wood Materials
INDD 407Textile Prod Desn: Exploration1
INDD 409New Materials
INDD 410Core Studio Industrial Design3
INDD 413INDD Core Studio 6
INDD 416Interaction Design
INDD 418INDD: Community Projects
INDD 419Graduation Workshop
INDD 450Topics in Industrial Design