INDD 300 F091: Core Studio Industrial Design

This 6-credit core studio allows for an intensive project-based learning experience in industrial design. Students will be exposed to skills and theories that build on the knowledge from second year, expand their design capacities, and prepare them to work independently in fourth year.

Priority is given to INDD students in Year 3.

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Topic: Making Body

This studio addresses the life event of pregnancy, and the pathways that lead to and determine its understanding in society. We are all born—the biological processes almost alike for each of us. In the course of our lives, each of us may have, or has already had, to consider how to welcome, prevent, creatively reinterpret or reject this reproductive process. Each decision at any time, may direct us to make societal, technological or ethical decisions. These in turn may reinforce, reinterpret, reject or renew existing systems of delivery, practice or belief. The studio uses the language, methods and tools of design, to understand this reproductive process. We do this because there is often a difficult and uneasy relationship between this natural critical life event, and how we have constructed the responses to it in society. On one hand medical intervention has allowed maternal fatalities to drop significantly, yet on the other the over-medicalisation of this natural life event often robs women having perfectly normal pregnancies and births, of any agency. There exists, at each point in the network of events of this process, a range of products, objects, myths, beliefs, and customs. In addition, there are relationships and emotional vectors that all impact and direct the experience of this process. As designers we attempt to investigate how these may first be mapped out, what the critical concerns may be under any specific set of conditions. While birth itself is a universal experience, the frameworks around it are mediated and directed by cultural, scientific, technological or political factors. There are prejudices and taboos that underlie these and determine how seemingly value-neutral elements like technology are interpreted and delivered. The studio also attempts to understand how this happens, and how racial, gender or other biases often form an almost impenetrable obstacle to safe and fulfilling birthing experiences. The studio engages in two design projects: the first is a material and representation exercise, where you will be encouraged to explore the site of pregnancy—the female body, and reinterpret it to scale and represent it through material and process. The second project asks you to develop a sound proposal for your own design project, from within the knowledge and understanding you have gained through the studio, and execute and deliver it over 5 weeks.


Completion of 51 credits, including INDD 210 (Core Studio in Industrial Design), DHIS-201, and SOCS-202"

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