INTD 300 F031: Core Studio Interaction Design

This 6-credit core studio allows for an intensive project-based learning experience in interaction design. Students will be exposed to skills and theories that build on the knowledge from second year, expand their design capacities, and prepare them to work independently in fourth year.

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Topic: Home

What does home mean to you? How has your relationship with home changed this year? To most, home means safety, security, a base or sanctuary from the chaos outside. But increasingly, we are using our living spaces in new ways, whether that be for work, remote socializing or a creative practice. How can we design our living spaces to become more meaningful? Can we use technology to help us with this goal?

In this studio course, participants develop a portfolio-quality project that explores the use of widely-used interaction design methodologies and introduces the use of gaming mechanics, networked objects & service design. Throughout the term students will establish their own rigorous design process, reflecting on best practices and discover new ways to research, define problems and opportunities, ideation, prototyping and presentation of refined design proposals. During the semester students are led through a variety of workshops and activities to boost creativity, analytic skills and gather insights. By the end of the term, the expected outcomes will be published and compiled in an online exhibition of UX case studies.

Here are a few examples of possible project directions:
1. Homes as workplaces
How can interaction design help us create effective workspaces that encourage a healthy separation between work and living?
2. Distributed Studio
During this global pandemic many have experienced feelings of boredom, isolation, depression and hopelessness, how can we design our homes to be places of joy and inspiration?
3. Alone Together
Can we bring the ones we care about closer? During a pandemic social-distancing has become a normal behaviour, how can we use networks and remote tools for these challenges? Ex. How might you host a dinner party with your friends from around the world?
4. Home for Homeless
How might we design a home for the homeless? How can interaction design be used to create affordable, small mobile homes?


Completion of 54 credits, including INTD 210 (Core Studio in Interaction Design ) DHIS 210, and SOCS 202

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HYBRID course.
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