INTD 310 S031: Core Studio Interaction Design

This 6-credit core studio allows for an intensive project-based learning experience in interaction design. Students will be exposed to skills and theories that build on the knowledge from second year, expand their design capacities, and prepare them to work independently in fourth year.

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Topic: Interaction Design and Community Science

“Science and everyday life cannot and should not be separated.”
― Rosalind Franklin

This spring semester core studio course will result in a design-led, portfolio quality interaction design project in the area of science and society, community science and design for more-than-human systems. Research will include outdoor field work as well as environmental justice and indigenous knowledge systems. Students will propose and develop interactive service design touchpoints and non-linear narrative experiences in collaboration with external partners such as Science World, local environmental non-profits, and indigenous-led conservation foundations. Resulting projects will include platforms and apps, exhibits and installations, as well as citizen science and data education projects.


Completion of 54 credits, including INTD-300 (Core Studio in Interaction Design), DHIS 201, and SOCS 202

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HYBRID course.
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Jan 10-Apr 23
M W B3110 MAIN
Jan 10-Apr 23