INTD 310 S091: Core Studio Interaction Design

This 6-credit core studio allows for an intensive project-based learning experience in interaction design. Students will be exposed to skills and theories that build on the knowledge from second year, expand their design capacities, and prepare them to work independently in fourth year.

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Topic: Future Engines
We are linked to millions of people every day. Connection is part of what has 'hooked' us to the interface, the new location for our life and fantasies. But although it has been inspiring, the original promise of the internet, marked by techno-utopianism built on ideals of free culture in cyberspace, feels unattainable in a reality where tech has enabled so much insularity. As we are facing a turning point towards more persistent and immersive virtual spaces, there is also a growing impetus to colonize them — can we use imagination to change this? In this studio course, students will take part in a transnational collaboration and develop a portfolio-quality project that merges interaction design and transmedia storytelling through emerging technologies. During the semester, students will produce a body of work in response to conversations about how the rhetoric of the interfaces, MUD models, and memory palaces allow us to become comfortable with new ways of thinking and being in several contexts at the same time. This class will investigate how interaction design can contribute to fostering hope in new futures while embracing prototyping as an experimental form of provocation.

Completion of 54 credits, including INTD-300 (Core Studio in Interaction Design), DHIS 201, and SOCS 202

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Jan 10-Apr 23