MDIA 300: Media Thematic

This theme-based, interdisciplinary media course allows for varying degrees of concentration and hybridity in a variety of media practices, themes and genres. This is a revolving topics course in which individual and collaborative projects enable students to identify appropriate and preferred media practices, and synthesize these approaches using film, digital cinema, audio, on line, web-based, gallery-oriented, interactive, performative modalities and contexts. Thematic topics are offered regularly. Foundational media skills from previous semesters are the basis for innovative and creative risk-taking that embraces specific media processes and expands terrain between media disciplines. Students take concurrent courses that support advanced/ specialized technical/ conceptual proficiencies and explorations. Some of the project work is collaborative, developing students' multidisciplinary, team-working and project management skills. Students are expected to ensure that at least one of their third year core studio experiences involves a solo project. Students continue to refine their critical vocabulary, analytical and technical skills required for preparation for 4th year grad/ capstone year productions. Students will have regular critiques, and a tight timetable in which the projects must evolve from concept to completion. Core Media Thematic options may include: Drama Lab; Political + Social Engagement; Personal Narrative; Media Ontologies; Hybridities; Appropriation/ Mashups/ Pranks; Ecologies.

Each section of this course runs with a different topic. See here.

This course is subject to priority rules; see here.


One of FMSA-200, FMSA-210,NMSA-200, or NMSA-210

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