MDIA 350: Embedded Practices

Embedded Practices aims to help students increase their knowledge and skill set in the area of professional practice through experiential learning and study. Delivered as an independent study, students will have an opportunity to reflect critically on their practice including how to frame their experiences in professional terms. Intended to offer up a critical perspective in terms of thinking and making, this course content promotes the notion of the reflective practitioner wherein the student digs deep into how their work is contextualized. Assignments guide students in developing the tools and techniques of professional media practice.

Priority is given to FMSA and FVIM students in Years 3 and 4. Students outside of the registration priority group may register/waitlist for this course as of the registration rule release date.

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Term Section Title
Fall 2019 MDIA-350-F001 Embedded Practices
Spring 2020 MDIA-350-S001 Embedded Practices