MDIA 410: Media Arts Core II

This senior studio course acts as a forum for the critical and artistic development of Film and Screen Arts in conjunction with New Media and Sound Art students completing their degree projects, and is a continuation of Senior Media I. A high level of self-directed activity is expected, along with active participation in peer group and class discussion, presentations and critiques. The focus of the course will be on refining and completing the degree projects on an aesthetic, technical and critical level. Peer group support is key to completing these projects, along with individual meetings with instructors and presentations of the work to the class. Individual students are expected to complete their own degree project, as well as assist their fellow students by taking on a skilled craft role on others' productions. This course brings together the FMSA and NMSA graduating students in order to broaden their level of discourse, enhance opportunities for collaboration, and synthesize the connection between these two majors.


Take MDIA-400;

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Spring 2022 MDIA-410-S031 Media Arts Core II
Spring 2022 MDIA-410-S036S Media Arts Core II