MHIS 405 F091R: Topics in Contemporary Photo

This course is designed to enable students to focus on various issues, concepts and ideas relevant to contemporary photography. Consideration will be given to the changing role of photography in relation to new technologies and societal transitions. While the historical evolution of photography will inform much of the discussion, the emphasis throughout will centre around current applications and critical thinking about the medium in art and society at large.

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Topic: The Transitioning Image
In this course students will investigate topics and issues relevant to photography today, with particular emphasis on ‘The Image’. Topics examined will range from photography’s changing role in relation to new technologies in an ever-expanding digital world, to a consideration of the medium’s increasingly complex applications and its diverse users. Aspects of a ‘transitioning’ image will be looked at closely, from the ‘stilled’ to the ‘migrating’ image, conceived as a platform for both the reception and projection of meaning. The emphasis throughout will centre on current applications and critical thinking about the medium within art and society. Course material will be delivered through a variety of formats, including slide lectures, videos, discussions of selected readings, and seminars related to students’ research. This course will also enable students to reflect on and contextualize their own practice in relation to both historical and contemporary debates within photography and other reproductive technologies.  


Completion of 60 credits

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ONLINE course. See Website for Topic details. CC-with MHIS 405 F031R Hybrid.
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