MHIS 410: Topics in Global Media

This advanced seminar course enables students to focus on a key topic in global media, with a focus on specific national or transnational fields of study. What role have films and other media played in constructing or contesting national borders or the national imaginary? What does it mean to establish a national cinema or national style, and how might moving-image aesthetics be used to support or resist it? How do media build and promote intersections between place and political identity at a local or global level? How have global migrations and transnational contexts shaped the production, circulation, and reception of films and other media forms? While the specific topic and entry-point into these questions will vary per offering, the course will emphasize critical viewing, reading, and writing on a specific aspect of global media.

Each section of this course runs with a different topic. See here.


6 credits of MHIS courses

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