MHIS 429 S031: Topics in Film + Media Theory

This advanced seminar course enables students to focus on a key topic in film and media (moving-image) theory. What role does the moving image play in contemporary philosophical and cultural debates? How have distinct theoretical lineages shaped the cinema as a mode of artistic practice and thought? How are emerging theoretical perspectives shaping the form, circulation, and reception of media objects today? While the specific topic and entry-point into these questions will vary each semester, the course will emphasize critical viewing, reading, and writing about moving-image aesthetics and theory.

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Topic: Games and Algorithmic Media
In this course students will learn different theoretical approaches for understanding games and use them to analyze a variety of software, objects, rule sets, and practices. The course will address how games make meaning, the technological platforms that run them, how ideology works through them, the cultures within and around them, and the industries that produce them. Students will be expected to play games, analyze them, journal their experiences, shared their own knowledge, engage readings in the field of game studies, and participate in Dungeons & Dragons-style tabletop role-playing games in groups. No special knowledge, skills, or hardware related to gaming are required, although students may need to purchase inexpensive games that should work on any Mac or PC for the course.


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HYBRID course. TOPIC - see website for details.
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