NMSA 200: New Media + Sound Arts Core I

This studio course introduces students to contemporary new media and sound arts practices. With conceptual, aesthetic and technical instruction, students complete a series of assignments and projects involving various time-based media and sound art approaches, such as video, performance, field listening and recording, soundscape composition, synthesizers, podcasts. Subjects covered include democratic listening and observation, land-based methods, generative approaches and indeterminacy . The course examines the work of contemporary artists to contextualize student work. Students develop critical vocabularies and analytical skills through activities such as: readings, discussions, presentations, group and individual assignments and projects. The course fosters an ability to examine and critique new media and sound art, and develop discourse and critical inquiry.

This course is subject to priority rules; see here.


Completion of 21 credits

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Fall 2021 NMSA-200-F031 New Media + Sound Arts Core I