NMSA 210: New Media+Sound Arts Core II

This course will build on the knowledge gained in NMSA 200 Core I and will expand on practices using new technologies and sound, and introduce students to collaborative modalities. Students will be assigned a number of projects and research assignments with the intention of developing individual students' realizations of their own creative tendencies, and for developing skills needed for working in groups. This course fosters the ability for students to articulate the context of their work in relation to contemporary practices in electronic art fields. Projects may include interactive mapping, media installation, sound art and design, performance, as well as self-directed projects. Students will be given tutorials on the technical learning associated with the projects.

Priority is given to NMSA students in Year 2.


NMSA-200 and completion of Foundation"

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Spring 2020 NMSA-210-S001 New Media+Sound Arts Core II