NMSA 305 F031M: Special Topics in NMSA

This studio course offers students the opportunity to develop projects on a specially-developed topic that responds to emerging trends within contemporary new media and electronic art practices. The course offers historical, theoretical and practical insights into experimental practices associated with the topic. Students cultivate an ability to examine and critique media works within an understanding of the audiences receiving their projects. Students learn how to position their work in relation to prominent discourses within contemporary media. This course has a focus on practice-based research.

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Topic: Making Art with Trees

This interdisciplinary hybrid course explores art, media and sound practices through collaborations with trees. Students are invited to slow down, spread out, and expand their senses and perception, with the aim to develop a greater connection to trees in their vicinity. Students are introduced to a variety of interspecies co-creative methods with trees including observing and listening, writing, drawing, photography, video, and sound art. Classes consist of field workshops in park locations around the city, combined with online seminars, reflections and discussions. Students will engage in a series of experimental assignments that may inform one self-directed project.

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HYBRID course. CC-M with VAST 310 F031M. See Website for Topic details.
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Sep 7-Dec 18
Sep 7-Dec 18