PHOT 306 F001G: Special Topics in Photography

This senior-level photography course will give students an opportunity to develop a body of work in conversation with others around a specific topic. Depending on the specific instructor and subject area, the class may participate in field trips, group critiques with the instructor, and discussions of readings.

Priority is given to PHOT students in Years 3 and 4. Students outside of the registration priority group may register/waitlist for this course as of the registration rule release date.


Any 200 level PHOT, or one of FNDT 160, FNDT 146 or FNDT 147 AND 18 credits of 200 level studio courses

Additional comments: 
Topic: TBA. CC-G (with VAST 310 F001G). Course Details: This course is LINKED to HUMN 311 F001 (students must enroll in both PHOT 306 F001G and HUMN 311 F001).
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Date / Time Days Room Building
Sep 9-Dec 17