PHOT 316: Studio Photography

In this course, still life and portraiture provide the structure to explore and comment on evolving issues in art and society. Students will be given a thorough grounding in the principles of lighting, employing both tungsten light and studio electronic flash systems. Safety and care of equipment will be stressed. Rather than building sets, students will be encouraged to both illuminate their subjects effectively and create environments for them to exist in using only light, shadow, and reflections to do so. Black and white, colour film, and digital photography will be used during this course. Integral to this course is the study of lighting as it has been employed by artists and photographers throughout history, up to the present day.


Any 200-level PHOT course or COMD-203 or COMD-213" "Completion of Second Year

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Term Section Title
Fall 2021 PHOT-316-F031 Studio Photography
Spring 2022 PHOT-316-S031 Studio Photography