PNTG 316 F091: Painting: Special Topics

This course varies in topic from section to section and is repeatable for credit provided the thematic topic has changed. It supplements regular core courses by presenting content and approaches that broaden the student's understanding of the subject area. This course presents complementary content to address a specific area of interest or concern within painting practice. Assigned projects specific to the area of study, presentations, demonstrations and critiques are an integral part of the course. The focus of the course is determined by the instructor.

This course is subject to priority rules; see here.

Each section of this course runs with a different topic. See here.

Course content: 

Topic: Plein Air Painting
‘Plein air’ painting is a traditional practice of painting outdoors. Throughout history, landscape painters have used plein air sketches as models for larger works, or as final works in their own right. In this course, we will connect with the rich history of plein air painting as a means to connect students with their environment, to unhinge the practice of painting from the studio, and to reconsider their practice in a mobile and adaptive format. This class will delve into the history of plein air painting, looking at how various artists have used it as part of their oeuvre, and we will consider the history of these practices through a critical lens. We will consider how traditional plein air approaches can offer strategies applicable to contemporary painting practices. 
This class will focus on sketching and painting in oil, outdoors, without using photography as source material. Basic and advanced techniques of working with oil paint will be covered, from mixing colours to composing an image. Painting in this format will provide challenging way for students to improve their painting and observational skills. Painting outdoors will sharpen your skills and quicken your painting technique. This class will increase your confidence and your ability to think and paint on your feet.
This class is an online class with mostly asynchronous activities, with some opportunities for group critiques and conversations as decided with the class. Assignments, tutorials and other course activities will be delivered through a variety of formats, including video tutorials, individual video meetings, and group discussions and critiques. Students will be painting on location over the course of each week.


6 credits of 200 level Painting + 45 credits

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ONLINE course. See Website for Topic details.
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Sep 7-Dec 18