SCIE 300 S001: Studies in the Sciences

This course provides a thematic focus on a scientific subject and its relationship to cross disciplinary applications. Topics may include anatomy and biology among other branches of study. In addition to an examination of how scientific methods are understood and applied, students will also learn different conceptual approaches to understanding scientific thinking and process. (This course will fulfill the science requirement for students going on to a diploma in education.)

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Topic: Design of Disease

Description: Poisons, pills, corpses, gravediggers, miraculous cures, epidemics, sorcerers... History of medicine is one big ensemble that incorporates all these and more. This strange and varied history is at the same time entangled with various practices of design: from the architecture of medical and mental institutions to early visualizations of diseases and human anatomy, from X- Rays and MRIs to computer generated imagery in films and TV series. Why is history of disease also the history of humanity? Why do we think of pain through metaphors? How can poison be a cure as well? How do representations of diseases affect the way we perceive the world? Through these questions (and many more!) this course is designed to give the students a sneak peak into the history and sociology of medicine through a discussion of a wide range of diseases, treatments, and cures.


Completion of Second Year

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Topic: Design of Disease
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