SOUN 314: Creating + Composing Sound

This course offers students the opportunity to delve into the world of music and sound composition and generation on a professional level. Through a series of workshops and projects students will explore the fundamentals of sound and music composition particularly as it pertains to contemporary sound art practice in a variety of media, time based work, performance and/or installation. Subjects will include the principles of time-based composition and structures, rhythm + timbre, programming and strategies for the generation of event sequences, and the manipulation of temporal information. Utilizing a selection of dedicated software tools, such as Logic, Supercollider II, Pro-Tools and Max/MSP students will investigate methods of digital sound generation as well as consider computer assisted compositional processes. Examining work of a number of contemporary composers and sound artists will contextualize work. Regularly scheduled compositional projects will be undertaken emphasizing particular technical and aesthetic issues. No previous compositional experience required.


Completion of 36 credits

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