SOUN 316: Sonic Environments + Objects

This studio course provides students with practical and conceptual skills to incorporate sound into installations and/or creation of sound based sculpture. Unlike recorded sound pieces that have a final static form, projects in this class may interact to external conditions, changes in the environment, or data obtained remotely. Environmental sound, acoustics, architecture, binaural/3D sound, locative media and how sound can effect or define space will be explored. Building of sound objects or sculptures, that may incorporate robotics, structural design acoustics, conventional experimental musical instruments and sound-making objects, will also be investigated. Students will explore sculptural issues, as well as the tools that aid in producing creative programming environments. Hardware devices as interface devices will be explored such as Microsoft Kinect, midi controllers, and webcam with computer vision analysis.


Completion of 51 credits

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Spring 2022 SOUN-316-S031K Sonic Environments + Objects