SOUN 321: Feedback

This course provides students with the opportunity to explore sound-based interaction methods in the context of digital and analogue technologies and live performance-based, interactive projects. Creative work may include real-time audio processing, sound spatialization, networked performance, interactivity, and body tracking. The focus will be creating systems rather than artifacts. Performance practice will include study in movement, gesture, voice and narrative time-based compositional structures. Investigations will include improvisation, sonification, interactive and acoustic space, as well as the analysis and realization of live electronic pieces from the experimental tradition. The class will begin with performance and discussion of some classic works from the electro-acoustic and interactive performance canon, and will progress to student-composed works, which will be rehearsed, performed, and discussed in class. A number of software tools will be available including Max/MSP/Jitter, Supercollider II, and Logic.


Completion of 36 Credits

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Fall 2021 SOUN-321-F031 Feedback