VAST 210 S033B: Visual Art Studio: Topic

Visual Art Studio: Topic is a studio-based special topics course, focused on a specific set of materials, processes and approaches to be explored by students. Through a combination of classroom activities that may include projects, collaborations, discussions, presentations, lectures, critiques, tutorials, workshops and technical demonstrations, students will develop skills relevant to a specific area of practice, alongside relevant critical, historical and theoretical content. Technical and critical abilities acquired in a particular medium or process will be explored in the broader context of contemporary art practice.

The course is run as either a 3 or 6-credit delivery and will sometimes be co-listed with a course from another material discipline or Faculty in order to allow students to work outside of their area of focus and access the expertise and interests of other students and faculty. This course varies in topic and is repeatable for credit provided that the topic has changed.

This course is subject to priority rules; see here.

Each section of this course runs with a different topic. See here.

Course content: 

Topics: #ARTLIFE: the studio and the public realm

The artist’s life is one that does not include a roadmap. Rather, artists must self-determine how we envision our daily practice and forge the way ahead. Many avenues through which to build up our practice and relationships with our audience lie at our disposal, including exhibition, publication, public art, community, the studio, galleries, etc. This studio course will offer students the time, space and mentorship to build projects considering desired pathways for their art practice.

Through visits and workshops with various arts professionals, from artists to curators, gallerists to preparators, critics and public art practitioners, students will be invited to involve the public with their practice. Initial group-based art interventions in the public sphere will help us form ideas and plans for larger-scale projects which could include, for example, an art publication, a curatorial project or exhibition, the forming of a collective, and/or any project that might offer testing grounds for students’ ideas outside of the school studio and into the public realm. 


Completion of 21 credits

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HYBRID course. CC-B with VAST 310 S033B. TOPIC - see website for details.
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