VAST 310 F001G: Visual Arts: Special Topics

This course presents content that address a specific subject area or theme within Visual Arts practices. Assigned projects specific to the area of study, presentations, demonstrations, and critiques are an integral part of the course. Emphasis is placed on the critical examination of the students' work, technical development and the students' exploration of contemporary ideas The focus of the course is determined by the instructor.

Priority is given to CRCP and VIAR students in Years 3 and 4. Students outside of the registration priority group may register/waitlist for this course as of the registration rule release date. pics


24 credits from 200 level studio courses

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Topic: TBA. CC-G (with PHOT 306 F001G). Course Details: This course is LINKED to HUMN 311 F001 (students must enroll in both VAST 310 F001G and HUMN 311 F001).
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Sep 9-Dec 17