VAST 320 F002P: Visual Arts Thematic I

This course provides students with the opportunity to propose and develop a self-directed body of work. Sections are taught with a thematic focus. Through artistic production, research, discussions, writing and critique, students are expected to increase their understanding of the content and context of their process and production as well as their knowledge of contemporary art. Students meet regularly for group meetings as well as in one-to-one tutorials with their instructor(s). Critiques and discussions complement studio production where considerable independent time and maturity is expected.

Priority is given to CRCP and VIAR students in Years 3 and 4. Students outside of the registration priority group may register/waitlist for this course as of the registration rule release date. pics

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Topic: Narratives of Identity:  What We Do With Who We Are

This course explores how concepts of identity and related narrative can play a role in an artistic practice. These particular devices can be employed in many ways, such as the unpacking Divya Mehra does in her very personal and humorous neon and photographic works, or the political re-framing of current cultural issues seen in the ceramic works of Ai Wei Wei, or the moving dissection of historical events as seen in Kent Monkman’s epic paintings and performances.  Through presentations of historical and contemporary practices, gallery visits, and critiques, we will deeply examine concepts of identity and the use of narrative devices in art.  Students will be required to create a research schedule and related works investigating their own stories, to respond to assigned readings, and to participate in discussion of the topics being covered. Students are invited to utilize mediums that are most relevant to their research.

Completion of 51 credits

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TOPIC: What We Do With Who We Are. CC-P (with VAST 420 S002P)
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Date / Time Days Room Building
Sep 9-Dec 17
F C4290 MAIN
Sep 9-Dec 17
F C4290 MAIN