Online Learning

Students who are currently enrolled in an online course can access their course through the
Moodle: Online Course Site

Established in 1925, Emily Carr is an accredited post secondary institution in art, design, and media, with close to 2000 students from Canada and around the world. We are a recognized leader in the development and delivery of both studio and theory credit courses in art, design, and media over the Internet.

Our programs range from first-year courses in creative processes, visual communication, and art history to upper level courses in interactive media, photography, design history, and professional practices. In addition, there is a growing cluster of exceptional courses in Aboriginal art practices and art history.

Our professors are nationally and internationally recognized artists, designers, writers, and academics who work in a broad range of media.

Emily Carr University of Art + Design welcomes you to online learning with our renowned artists and designers from the convenience of your own home, internet café or campus lab.

Eligibility for online learning courses

Online Learning courses are open to:

  1. currently enrolled program students at Emily Carr;
  2. currently enrolled unclassified students at Emily Carr;
  3. currently enrolled exchange students at Emily Carr;
  4. currently enrolled visiting students at Emily Carr.

The minimum academic requirement to take any first year (100 level) online course is the successful completion of a high school diploma including senior level English 12 or equivalent. Second year (200 level) courses generally require the successful completion of the first year pre-requisite course or courses. 

TRANSFERABILITY: All of our online courses are credit courses and can be taken toward an Emily Carr University of Art + Design degree or transferred to another institution. This requires admission to Emily Carr.

If you are already enrolled at Emily Carr, you can register for online courses directly through myEC.

If you are not currently a registered student at Emily Carr and you would like to take an online course you must apply to be a program student, or an unclassified student at Emily Carr. See our public website's Admissions section for more information.


  • not all online courses listed will be available;
  • Emily Carr reserves the right to cancel courses that are under-enrolled;
  • some restrictions may apply, i.e. Online Graduate Studies courses are restricted to Emily Carr Graduate students only;
  • students cannot complete a certificate/diploma or degree from Emily Carr using only online courses.