Bachelor of Design

In this global, post-industrial, information age, Design has evolved into a human-centered practice with concern for real social needs. Our design programs encourage students to be ‘Citizen Designers', mindful of the power and consequences of design across a range of fields.

Focused on collaboration, you will benefit from projects that are intentionally modeled to mirror professional and research project structures, gaining experience working with realistic criteria and constraints. You will also learn various methods of prototyping, developing insight and direction through iterative making and re-making.

Majors: Communication Design • Industrial Design • Interaction Design

Emily Carr - A Community of Design from Emily Carr University on Vimeo.


In the 2nd year of the degree, students working toward a major in either Communication Design or Industrial Design work side-by-side in their Core Studios, as they integrate specific Technical Workshops and Critical Studies courses with their studio practice. By the end of this second year, students are equipped to make informed decisions about the focus of their studies in Third Year.

Communication Design Major

Communication Design focuses on developing comprehensible design of messages and experiences. Although the program places emphasis on 2D design concerns - in print or on screen - it allows for students to investigate overlapping areas in 3D as well.

Industrial Design Major

Industrial Design focuses on developing design by applying a user-centered methodology. The program places particular emphasis on sustainable design and design in support of local entrepreneurship, healthy living, and interactive environments.

Interaction Design Major

Interaction design facilitates the experience between people and the environment through the application of interactive technologies. Interactive systems are present in many areas of everyday life where technology helps people work through a series of decisions or tasks, or to engage in activities.