Communication Design Major

As societal issues become increasingly complex, the need for effective, nuanced communication constantly intensifies. The Communication Design program allows students to explore and research cultural, historical, technical, ecological and theoretical issues in which to develop an engaging and relevant design practice.

To accomplish this goal, the program provides progressively challenging experiences over the three years of study, beginning with a required mix of core studio and critical studies courses and moving toward an increasingly flexible array of electives by which students can self-select and customize their design education.

Communication Design offers a variety of study streams, including print design, interactivity, and motion graphics. Within these areas of specialization, students can further refine their interests by focusing on illustration, typography, wayfinding, information design, and many other opportunities.

Graduates of this program are part of a community of thinkers and makers who are capable of dealing with complex ideas, situations and teams of experts, as well as engaging the very people who use our designs.

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Deborah Shackleton, Dean, Faculty of Design + Dynamic Media

Katherine Gillieson

Celeste Martin

Cameron Neat

Jon Hannan

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Kathleen Jacques