Industrial Design Major

Industrial designers are concerned with the way people respond to objects, communicate with others, find pleasure, comfort and safety in activities, and overcome their physical and psychological limitations. Industrial designers are explorers of the values and richness of human knowledge and agents of change and integration, with a passion for cultural, economic, ecological, social, and symbolic value.

The Emily Carr University Industrial Design program offers a rigorous program of hands-on study that emphasizes understanding human needs through exploration and prototyping in real time and space. Students can be generalists in this program or can focus their work on household products, recreational products, electronics, medical and health design, soft products, ceramics, exhibitions, and furniture, as well as research in sustainability.

Through research and user-centered methodology, students learn to interpret needs and desires in aesthetic, material, and ergonomic terms, and to inform this methodology with knowledge of the social, economic, ecological, and historical contexts that influence the design process.

Graduates from the Industrial Design program experience widely divergent careers, often as entrepreneurs and leaders in socially and ecologically conscious fields.

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Deborah Shackleton, Dean, Faculty of Design and Dynamic Media

Christian Blyt

Hélène Day Fraser

Keith Doyle

Maxe Fisher

Louise St Pierre

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Brian Fossl

Jen Hiebert

Steven Hall

Cimarron Knight

Meagen Schafer