Bachelor of Media Arts


Animation at Emily Carr University is an open and flexible program that embraces diverse animation media.  Students develop as creative animation designers and critical thinkers.

Courses within the program encompass two-dimensional animation and three-dimensional computer animation, and studies integrate with a range of additional techniques and methods.  Students explore forms of narrative through media studies, writing, and drawing practices, amongst other curricular directions.  Our objective is to help students expand their abilities for an extensive field of professional opportunities. Students create a major project that reflects a well-considered personal vision, choice of subject matter, and aesthetic approach.


The Interactive + Social Media Arts (ISMA) Major is a four-year Bachelor of Media Arts program that enables students to pursue creative and critical practices that employ the use of interactive and new technologies. ISMA offers students experimental practices that involve interactive installation, information visualization and presentation, web-based forms, live audio-visual performance, robotics, interactive wearables, mobile media, sound, and social media platforms, amongst others. ISMA meshes practice with critical points of view regarding the social and political aspects of contemporary culture, and the roles that technologies play within it. ISMA engages open-ended inquiry towards an understanding of how art and technology can reshape the future. ISMA takes on problems that shift the field and move towards positive social change by actively pursuing and identifying key critical questions about society and culture.